Thursday, November 12, 2009


What can I say? I speak with my eyes. My heart remembers every single thing that has happened to me. To my family.

Another month or so, and we shall bid farewell to 2009, which has, in every way, been a year filled with sadness, unhappiness, tragedy and adversities, for me.

  • It is 92 days since my Daddy passed away.
  • It is 62 days since our beloved pet and family member, Roxy passed away
  • I can finally look at pictures of my Daddy without crying, and remember him with much love, fondness and a pang of intense sadness.
  • I have begun my journey in the quest for better health. Today is the day I begin to fulfill my promise to my Daddy.
  • I found my way back to my love, and fell in love with him all over again.
  • I realize that I am a great mother. 
  • I have almost-perfect skin: radiant, glowing, dewy and lovely.
  • I ate the healthiest meals I had ever had in a year.
Today, I am living again. Cherishing the sweetest and poignant memories of  my father who has left his earthly, borrowed home. Believing in my own abilities. Loving myself. Moving on.